OCaml Library

The OCaml bril library, which lives in the bril-ocaml directory, provides an OCaml interface and parser for Bril’s JSON files.


To build the library, you first need to install OCaml. Then, install the dependencies with opam install core yojson.

To install the bril-ocaml library:

git clone https://github.com/sampsyo/bril path/to/my/bril
opam pin add -k path bril path/to/brill/bril-ocaml
opam install bril

That’s it! You can include it in your Dune files as bril, like any other OCaml library.


The interface for the library can be found in bril.mli—good starting points are from_string, from_file, and to_string. A small code example for the library lives in the count subdirectory.

If you wish to make changes to the bril OCaml library, simply hack on the git clone.

When you are done, simply reinstall the package with opam reinstall bril. Restart the build of your local project to pick up changes made to bril-ocaml.

For Development

ocamlformat is recommended for style consistency. The dune documentation on Automatic Formatting has information about using ocamlformat with dune.