Rust Library

This is a no-frills interface between Bril’s JSON and your Rust code. It supports the Bril core along with the SSA, memory, floating point, speculative execution, char, and source positions extensions.


Include this by adding the following to your Cargo.toml:

version = "0.1.0"
path = "../bril-rs"
features = ["ssa", "memory", "float", "speculate", "position"]

Each of the extensions to Bril core is feature gated. To ignore an extension, remove its corresponding string from the features list.

There are two helper functions: load_program will read a valid Bril program from stdin, and output_program will write your Bril program to stdout. Otherwise, this library can be treated like any other serde JSON representation.


This library supports fully compatible Rust implementations of bril2txt and bril2json. This library also implements the import extension with a static linker called brild.

This library is used in a Rust compiler called rs2bril which supports generating core, float, and memory Bril from a subset of valid Rust.

This library is used in a Bril-to-LLVM IR compiler called brillvm which supports core, float, memory, and ssa.

For ease of use, these tools can be installed and added to your path by running the following in bril-rs/:

$ make install

Make sure that ~/.cargo/bin is on your path. Each of these tools supports the --help flag which specifies some helpful flags.


To maintain consistency and cleanliness, run:

cargo fmt
cargo clippy
cargo doc
make test
make features