Type Checker

Bril comes with a simple type checker to catch errors statically. It checks the types of instructions in the core language and the floating point, SSA, memory, and speculation extensions. It also checks calls and return values and the labels used in control flow.


The brilck tool uses Deno. Type this:

$ deno install brilck.ts

If you haven’t already, you will then need to add $HOME/.deno/bin to [your $PATH][path].


Just pipe a Bril program into brilck:

bril2json < benchmarks/fizz-buzz.bril | brilck

It will print any problems it finds to standard error. (If it doesn’t find any problems, it doesn’t print anything at all.)

You can optionally provide a filename as a (sole) command-line argument. This filename will appear in any error messages for easier parsing when many files are involved.

Consider supplying the -p flag to the bril2json parser to get source positions in the error messages.