Fast Interpreter in Rust

The brilirs directory contains a fast Bril interpreter written in Rust. It is a drop-in replacement for the reference interpreter that prioritizes speed over completeness and hackability. It implements core Bril along with the SSA, memory, char, and floating point extensions.

Read more about the implementation, which is originally by Wil Thomason and Daniel Glus.


To use brilirs you will need to install Rust. Use echo $PATH to check that $HOME/.cargo/bin is on your path.

In the brilirs directory, install the interpreter with:

$ cargo install --path .

During installation, brilirs will attempt to create a tab completions file for current shell. If this of interest, follow the instructions provided as a warning to finish enabling this.

Run a program by piping a JSON Bril program into it:

$ bril2json < myprogram.bril | brilirs


$ brilirs --text --file myprogram.bril

Similar to brilck, brilirs can be used to typecheck and validate your Bril JSON program by passing the --check flag (similar to cargo --check).

To see all of the supported flags, run:

$ brilirs --help